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yo, The landscape is forever changing, maybe you have gone a little downhill, me too the last 4 months to be honest. if you have just started the lisdex then the dose could be wrong still, the wait is hard, the disappointment is harder. But each time this happens you get closer to the solution. its not pointless, its progress. it doesn’t matter how small, nor does it matter how menial the task is. We build it up, trying to solve a “problem” that is far greater than we can comprehend. and then you add on top of that. inability to track yourself across time an a whole bunch of other stuff -but yeah, i understand.

you’re incredible! every damn one of you :< cuz its a steep ass hill lol. but keep walking. its slow sometimes, and painfull too…but progress is inevitable. Yesterday i ALMOST managed to check off everything on my self care check list lol.. and theres only 5 things on the damn list. But you know what, thats better than the day before so ill take it.