Reply To: Exam in 10 days. Need help ASAP


Hey, i doubt ill be much help. But i couldn’t not reply lol. Me brains kinda doing cartwheels right now so ill probably end up on a tangent.

Im 25 i went thru uni without meds, i was diagnosed last year and have been on meds for a good few months now.
says you made the first post at 4 am? (not sure if it registers the time of the person who posted)

I have a tendency to get stuck – The task is important to me, and so my brain is in overdrive before ive even started, Like. From the second i wake up more or less. and well it’s draining + if your working to hard/ not sleeping well it could be all stacking up and the meds are exacerbating it?

Eating something really protein heavy in the morning/ when you wake up might help with the side effects – It helped me out when i was having issues with jitters n stuff at one point while figuring out dosage.
Because if you are already in like “crisis” mode, for lack of a better term. and your first meal is carbs/ sugary breakfasty type stuff. your more than likely to “crash” in one way or another. I hope you get something from this but well, im not really sure if it’ll make sense. but i know the feeling… and so points for trying right haha.

I hope you are managing to get some stuff done despite the issues, Take care 🙂