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Wow I just read an extensive review by someone who took their child to BB and did a follow-up review for a year later. It sounds like a lot of time, energy, money (she spent $2,000) to manage the symptoms. It is the brain that is imbalanced. Instead of focusing on all the issues why not balance the brain? For $2,000 you get get 20 sessions of Neurofeedback. It is a twice a week 1 hour sessions commitment instead of 4 days a week with homework.

I have had Neurofeedback twice in the past 7 years. First for chronic hyperactive impulsive ADHD totalling 24 sessions. 7 years later and I am still free of the “Tazmanian Devil” symptoms.

Recently I did another round of 14 sessions to correct my post menopause severe depression and insomnia.

It is almost impossible to put in words just how much I love Neurofeeback. To actually feel your brain self correct is incredible. And then to feel symptoms relieve and to feel more comfortable in your own body again = freedom.

I hope you will consider this treatment for your child.