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I’m a bit late responding to this, but I came across this post while looking into whether others have reported issues with generic versions of Adderall and felt inclined to register to leave a comment because OP/others mentioned Teva specifically.

In short: In light of new information, I started to worry that the many issues I’ve had with the effectiveness and dosage of my ADHD meds over the past year and a half might be related to the fact that the timing of when that started coincides with when I got new health insurance which meant that I started to get generics when previously I had only ever received name-brand Adderall (my old insurance specified that for some reason). This sounds really dumb now, but I never connected the changed effectiveness to the medication/insurance change because I thought it might be a lifestyle (work-life-sleep imbalance) thing… until today when I happened to hear an interview with an investigative journalist who just released a book about the generic drug manufacturing industry and looked into it further. The interview intrigued me so I went to Amazon to order the book and saw that a self-identified pharmacist left a review, saying (among other things) that a key lesson from the book was not to assume that all generic drugs are equivalent to brand name products. Looking into issues with generic vs. brand medications further, I saw several articles refer to a known instance in which the FDA pulled Teva’s generic version of Wellbutrin because it was determined NOT to be bioequivalent and this was only after years of patients taking it with really scary side effects…

All that to say, I would be super attentive to any generic-related concerns and definitely would not be quick to dismiss any concerns when Teva generics are involved!!

(if interested the book that piqued my interest in this is Bottle of Lies by Katherine Eban)