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I have had the same problem. I use the regular release but I have been in the same boat. I got prescribed generic Adderall that was made by a pharmaceutical manufacturer in India, called Sun Pharmaceuticals. Not to discredit India, making Adderall requires a precise special chemical reaction to get the right chemical compound. I have visited a few of the smaller less known pharmaceutical manufacturer website, and I notice by looking at the website, it is strange to see some of the sites, as they are built with a basic look and functionality? Also, from looking at their site, I don’t get a sense of where the origin of some of these companies are manufacturing? Being a computer science major, my instincts tell me the expected information missing is suspicious, in a way that looks like these websites are just spinoff companies appearing as a U.S. company, which they are, but are really facades to help a big foreign Pharmaceutical company to use such a facade to market transactions in the U.S.? I have not looked at Amerigen website. I believe you 100%, if you’re not getting the same effect, it wasn’t made the right way. I would stick with well known U.S. or European Pharmaceutical companies. Not all foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers are bad. TEVA in my opinion, is the best manufacturer of Generic Adderall I have been prescribed. I am new to this site, I am glad I can communicate with other folks like me, thanks.