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Hello, I am prescribed Generic Adderall regular release but I being on generic Adderall since the name brand is too expensive. The generic versions quality all depends on the manufacturer. I have been prescribed three different versions since I have been taking it. TEVA is the best manufacturer for sure. The tabs are a little sweet tasting but that’s not why it is the best. I didn’t know it was the best until I was prescribed another version, a version made by Sun Pharmaceuticals. it did not have the same effect, it was as if something was missing. Sun is an Indian pharmaceutical company. Whatever the origin, name brand or not, this medication has a chemical composition that requires precise chemical reactions. it was obvious Sun Pharmaceuticals did not perfect the process. in my opinion, it is best to stick with American Pharmaceutical companies whether its normal release or extended. On that note, CVS is a respectable pharmacy, one that is less likely to buy from an outside company is Sun, but anyway I believe if you say it doesn’t work as well, it probably doesn’t. I only see Impax Generics offices in the U.S. and Switzerland, so no red flags there. I would try another pharmacy that prescribes from another U.S. company.