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Yes. I constantly got into fights in high school and early in college. I was diagnosed with bipolar first and found out 5 years later that criminal history and getting into trouble were also a symptom of ADD; but its not uncommon for the two to coexist, so could be worth looking into. I have the “blackout” thing too, but I noticed that right before I was about to hit someone I always felt some kind of physical energy in my left shoulder, probably from adrenaline. Noticing this was enough for me to pause and slow down. Not sure if you might experience the same thing.

For me it was less about what to do in the moment and more about learning to be aware of my emotions in general. Meditation never helped because I can’t pay attention, but yoga did. (The power yoga kind because it counted as a workout and didn’t feel like a waste of time, and I could keep moving).

I’ve noticed ADD stimulants can sometimes make the impulsivity worse, and being aware that they might cause me to overreact also has helped. I still haven’t totally fixed this part of myself so I don’t have a super clear checklist for you, but hope it helps.