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Hi Lindsay, thanks for your support, reading your reply was very helpful.
H is already on Wellbutrin, has been for many years. And he’s up and down with the depression and now I realize he has always had the ADHD so it hasn’t helped (although who knows how much worse it might be without….?)
We have an appointment for the pysc in a couple of weeks, his regular one, who is not ADHD-savvy, so not sure how much that will help. He is treating him only for the depression and now he also has insomnia, says he cannot breathe at night (but he’s had all the physical tests around and all is fine so I am pretty sure it’s a pysc issue…).
Then in a couple of weeks we are going back to the ADHD specialist psyc and we will see what he suggests.
H is very “anti” about it all at the moment and I am reaching the end of my tether.
Sometimes I really feel like giving up on him (but I won’t).
Thanks for all the encouragement – reading and posting here really helps 🙂