Reply To: Date Night Fail


Update: We talked about this. He said that I was ready to go to the dinner on time and he still wasn’t ready. He knows I hate being late, so he thought he should let me go ahead and he’d catch up later.

I told him this wasn’t like being late for work or for an appointment—that the whole point was for us to go somewhere together, and it didn’t matter what time we arrived.

Maybe I’ll just give up on going anywhere with him, unless it’s very low key, e.g., just us two, or a get-together with one or two other people. This is not ideal, because his social circle and social life will only grow, and I’ll be left further behind.

He even said something about having a game night (board games, etc.) in our home; I’ll plan to be absent that night. Not to be mean, but it would be too stressful for me. All those people he’s formed bonds with while he went everywhere without me, who are still strangers to me.

I still don’t know why it’s so hard for us two to go out together, while he manages to coordinate an outing or a departure time with several other people. Some kind of hive mind perhaps.

Our skill sets and some other characteristics complement each other, and I could never find a kinder or more intelligent person. I’ve never been big on “communication,” but I guess it helps sometimes.