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Unfortunately yes she reached out to the disability rights of SD and they first told her they wouldn’t help then when she asked who funded them so she could report them then they agreed to help her but to be honest they just made it look like they were doing something and in reality did nothing and then closed her case. I talked to the head office of NAMI and they couldn’t believe that themselves and gave me some advice but so far that hasn’t helped either, but I just emailed their local office and asked them to speak with her directly. I also wrote the governor. She wrote the governor as well but she feels they are not sending her mail out which I believe because she has filed a lawsuit against them in regards to many issues and they tried to mess with her filing fee and if I would have not paid it myself her case would have been thrown out. Her lawyer we fee was paid by the state to throw her case and as far fetched as that may sound our current lawyer trying to file the habeous has the evidence he lied to the judge about her case. He has even told us that the state of SD is so corrupt it’s not even funny and the way they are fighting against her is something he hasn’t even seen because we have to go to court just to even have a habeous case that’s how much they are fighting her. It mainly has to do with the fact that she is willing to speak out against the corruption because of how they treat her. The associate warden is supposed to be the disabilities rights advocate for the prison and he said she doesn’t have a disability. Everyone basically calls her names tells her she’s just acting out to get what she wants and has even been sexually harassed because of her hyperactivity. So I wish this was a simple case but unfortunately we have gone through a lot and it truly does seem like the system does not care. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with the fact she is native as well. A native lady died in there last month that was diabetic because they refused to take her to the hospital and just said she was faking it and she was a week from getting out. The prison tried to cover it up but to many people witnessed the whole thing including my fiancé. A while back they put her on a medication that has an extremely high alert to it and didn’t even discuss anything about it with her just told her to take it. It gave her chests pains and they wouldn’t even look into it just blew her off. Eventually she refused to take it as more and more side effects start showing up after a couple of months. Then she talked to a doctor on the outside and she said she typed the drug into the computer and said it had an extreme warning on it and had to be discussed with the patient before administration to the patient. So you can see just a slice of what we are dealing with. We’ve tried contacting lawyers and most seem to be to scared to take on the state. Our current lawyer said he would but doesn’t feel comfortable with the area it’s in because he’s never dealt with medical issues or civil issues like hers. So it’s like being between a rock and a hard place. We keep search for the right answers and it’s one of the reason she asked me to post on here hoping maybe someone has had a similar issue and can give us a path to go down that we haven’t already. Thanks for the reply and I hope that clarifies about what you asked.