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I am having the same trouble. Even writing this is difficult for me right now. I have been on Adderall for 7 years and never have had a reaction like this. No focus, fidgety, crazy thoughts. What is going on? This is definitely not the same as my regular prescription. It also is giving me mild head aches. I called the pharmacist and she said there is nothing they can do they can’t take it back because it is against the law. So what am I suppose to do not take my medication until next month. I have only have this for a week. Giving it a couple of days just to be sure it was not just in my head. It is definitely not. I’m sorry but in any other form of business if you give your customers a faulty product it’s up to the company to provide a replacement. Not only that the pharmaceutical company should be liable if anything happens to these customers that are clearly not getting the same product. This is a class A drug and should not be something they play around with generic wise. There could be detrimental consequences. I guess I will have to continue taking this crap since I have no choice. However if I have any adverse side effects like being hospitalized or going into a crazy episode. You better believe I am suing the crap out of this company and the people who filled it. I trust these company’s to give me a quality product. They have my life in there hands they need to start acting that way. Also for those of you that are wondering what to do and where your pill came from. First the number on the pill is where you start. Just type it in to google. It will tell you who made it. Just be careful since it says it may not match up exactly. So in my case I noticed the dark orange ones where different then the light orange ones even though they say they are the same there not. Anyway you then have the manufacture and where it was repackaged. Save this info along with the paperwork you get from the pharmacy. It’s also best to save at least one of the pills. If u have a reaction or they are not working for you. Call the company and state all this. Demand a refund and if they refuse I think it’s time we start looking into are legal rights when it comes to this kind of thing

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