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Ctyo, SO HEARD YOU! I left my bf of 15 months because of his inattentiveness. The last straw was when I generously trusted him to go home for Xmas with his son & sons gf for a week over Xmas. My daughter & I were alone xmas day because there was no room in the car for all of us anyways to go. He sends me a Merry Christmas via text message! Not even a personal message either, the same standard Merry Xmas/Happy New Years EVERYONE received from him. Then texted me later in the day and wonders why I’m upset.
Yup came and went like a bachelor but liked the idea of “the little women at home keeping the home fires burning” whenever he felt like participating in it… like keepingitalltogether said. The therapist taught me a lot, like how he probably did give it his “all” focusing at work 12 hrs a shift and was probably fried when he returned home, hence spent numerous hours watching Netflix. How it would be exhausting trying to train/guide/make him aware of his behaviour/explain how it effects you. He admits he probably has it but is to busy trying to “clean up his messes” to get around to seeking testing & medication. Baby steps he’d always say. I decided I could be old & retired by the time he takes any steps! Sadly I had to leave. My daughter has ADHD & this single parent has all she can do to deal with that.