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After reading your post, I would like to offer you my deepest regards to you and to everyone going through with what you have shared. I completely understand and feel your heartache in living a life that is not amongst a social setting. I completely get you, and I have been unknowingly living with this wretched disorder for my entire existence, and I and perhaps millions of us would just love to be loved back from the society in which we live in. I wish there are support groups for us. And I’m just beginning to venture into this acceptance that I in fact have to live with the constant fidgeting, forgetfulness, and the dreaded disorganization of my scattered mind. I’ve heard it all too many times that I have to apply myself more, stay focused. Dont venture off course, but for some reason the mind I and we have been given is one of a “little scoundrel ” who is always misplaced in misplacing life. With trying to write down my agendas and no foresight of goals in life, Where are the support groups at for folks like us at?

I wish you all the very best and I too dont wish our pain and mental struggle onto anyone. My advice is, especially if you haven’t been concistant at it, is to practice telling yourself positive affirmations: I love myself, i love others. Love yourself first and foremost and accept these wretched patterns we share in the grand scheme of attention deficient problems, for that’s all they are- problems, yet with many problems there are solutions. Easier said than done! I know. I have also sheltered in place from the rest of the world, and the damages from continuing on with this pattern cannot go on. Again, if only there were support groups for us to overcome and feed off each other’s success stories and downfalls the underlyning realization would set in that you and I and everyone reading this are all equal, and we need to learn on how to not be so hard on ourselves. My doctor caught on to that about myself today (me a 34 year old man) and brought to my attention to accept and find others living with the disease to feel comforted and reassured that we are all going to pull through this together!
My kindest regards to you, and to all. Be blessed , count our blessings, and we all together will overcome our sadest moments and most frustrating moments in life.
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