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Spaceboy 99

Advice for your son- if he goes ‘numbed out’ or ‘zombified’, that means that either the medication is wrong, or the dosage is wrong. There are about 50 different ADHD medications, which don’t all work in the exact same way, meaning that there’s a ‘right’ medication for most people.

I got medicated in January (27 years old), and I’m not numb in any way, shape, or form. I’m more ‘me’ than I’ve ever been. Just ask my fiancée. Instead of stressing out over trying to figure out whether to take out the food garbage or the main garbage first, and in the process forgetting to do dishes (then stressing about THAT later), I’m getting everything done in half the time it normally takes me, and I’ve more time to do the things I want, and I’m in a better mood while I do them. I still do random dances to make people laugh, I still will happily drip everything to hang out with someone, but when I want and need to focus on something, I’m completely able to.

The RIGHT meds do wonders for you. It’s just a case of finding them. Worst case scenario is that he tries meds and a) none of them work, or b) he just doesn’t like the feeling of being on them (both are really flip sides of the same coin, if they work properly, you should love the feeling), in which case, you just stop taking them, and carry on as before.

But, if your son DOES start taking meds, he has to take them religiously, according to the instructions from his specialist. No ‘days off’, no fiddling with the dosage, no ‘I have an exam tomorrow, I’ll take two’. None of that. If the dose is insufficient, consult the specialist. Any negative side effects? Talk to the specialist. Anything out of the ordinary, makes you want to stop, take more, or whatever? Specialist. Always consult the specialist.

Anyway, that’s my piece. Hope this helps 🙂