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If you can the best thing for him to do is see a Psychiatrist for medication options. We started with the family Doctor, but he eventually did not feel comfortable with the increase in dosage as it was not his specialty. We found a Psychiatrist who took the time to talk with my sons and see how they think and feel on the medication and will adjust the dosage as needed. My 12 yr. old son is on Prozac for stress and anxiety, it has helped him with the anxiety a lot. Both of my sons take medication for ADHD one is on Adderall and the other is on Ritalin. The Adderall works well for my older son along with the Prozac. My younger son (8) acted more hyper on the Adderall so we had to switch him to the Ritalin.
My younger son has improved this year greatly going from reading 8 words a minute to 59 words a minute. It may not sound like much, but he is into reading books now and has the attention span to keep with a topic more than a few minutes. My older son started Junior High and is in modified classes. He is struggling not from the medication, but lack of preparedness on his and our part for the difference between grade levels.
Ask your son if he is willing to at least go to a meeting with the Psychiatrist with no pressure on taking the meds. Let him talk to them and see if medication is the right option or if your son can communicate how / what he feels is going on in his life. The Psychiatrist might recommend a course of action that your son would be willing to try.