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I can so relate. In my case, it’s always 5-10 minutes late, but it does make me feel terrible too, I feel ashamed, and I always promise myself that I will be on time the next day, and I just can’t. My brain does not switch on motivation to get ready and leave till it realises it’s really late (and then I race on adrenaline), which is just a little too late. If it’s still early, I’ll always think, why not just do one more thing, I have plenty of time. I’m thinking to buy one of those clocks with a big red shrinking timer, as this may give enough of an alert to my brain to switch it on earlier. (Time timer here: Another strategy I’m trying now (with some success) is to tell myself that I need to be there not at 9am, but 8:45am – which would be great, to have time for coffee etc so I really do want to be there – and if I aim to be there at 8:45am, then I’m still late and will never make it, but not late for the actual work start at 9am:). And finally, it does help to remind myself that I’m not dumb or lazy, but my brain does switch motivation on differently from other, non-ADHD, people – either by last-minute deadline, or something inherently rewarding. Going to work is definitely not the latter, so working on the time pressure is what I think can work. Hope it helps :).