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I can completely relate. I just left a job, that I was extremely overwhelmed with. It didn’t help that it was a 2 person job and I had to do the whole thing. I couldn’t keep up, I couldn’t stay organized, I wasn’t doing a very good job organizing my day or anything else and worked a ton of hours to try to stay on top on my work. I stunk at it.

– With the jobs that I am good at, I have found that keeping a checklist of each project helped me stay organized. I created the checklists to be in order of the job and how it needed to be completed and checked off each item as I completed it and put a reminder on my work AND phone calendar to remind me when the next item was due on the each project. With this last job I couldn’t do a checklist even if I tried.

The only advice I can give is to try the checklist idea above to help with organization. For time management, you can track your time throughout the day and see how much time it is taking you to do a project and then set a time goal the next – either for the same amount of time or a shorter amount of time – I find that I work better under pressure and that is when a time goal works for me.

I know it is hard to not beat yourself up over not doing a good job, even when you know you are capable of doing a good, but you have to try. I have lost a lot of confidence in my ability to do good work to the point that I am afraid to start another job.

A friend of mine suggested I watch the movie (but not really a movie) the “Secret”, so I did and it is about staying positive and thinking positively, and having faith in yourself to do what you put your mind to. It was really good and I recommend it to anyone who needs a confidence boost.