Reply To: Outbursts of Anger


Marriage counseling with a counselor who knows ADD can be helpful if ADD treatment is involved. It has been four years into the formal diagnosis for us. For me, not having ADD, I have had to learn to listen a lot better and make sure I understand what my wife is trying to tell me before I answer. I have had to learn to not react but to thoughtfully respond. It is really really hard, I f* up now and then and let my emotions take over, and there are things I don’t think I will ever understand. You have to not take initial outbursts personally, a lot of it is out of misunderstandings and frustration. I think my wife had thought ADD treatment would be the silver bullet, but to a degree it had made her ADD even more obvious especially when medication wear off she becomes a different person.

Get professional help for your marriage, and your family, that is the start. There are no guarantees though, hopefully you wife will see how much you care and that will make a world of difference.

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