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I was diagnosed at 53 years old – my hubby could probably share a lot of “good” stories with your wife. If you’re not seeing a therapist, you may wish to consider doing so. My hubby and I went to sessions together, and she taught us a lot: I learned ways to be a little less chaotic and annoying and he learned how to work around my deficiencies. One thing that is working out really well is that he agreed to be my “ADD Coach.” Basically he calls me out on my dumb moves, and then helps me figure out ways to avoid the issues in the future. It was REALLY hard on both of us at first – he’d do the coach thing and I’d reply by bursting into tears and proclaiming, “You don’t love me!” We’ve been working on my ADD together for about six years now, and it’s better – not 100% “normal,” but we are pretty happy together. 🙂 If you think your wife would have trouble “bossing” you around, or if you think you might have trouble accepting constructive criticism from your wife, you could hire a professional ADD Coach… good luck to both of you – it IS possible to live – happily! – with ADD!