Reply To: Outbursts of Anger


My son was diagnosed at 41.It’s been very hard on him and all of us. He and I found Louise Hay and Dr. Wayne Dyer books and it has saved his life. They help him stay calm for the most part and he feels he can turn to the reading when things get too loud for him.
They don’t want to be the way they are anymore than a cancer patient wants cancer.
Living with the horrible feelings all the time is so tiring for them.
It’s so hard for them because they know how they hurt us but can’t stop it. Always know they love you and explain everything to children in the house. Give them space when they need it , every time.

(If you’re a religious person just try to understand that God needs someone to take care of one of his troubled children. Look into their eyes and know that the way they are acting isn’t really who they are). ❤️🙏🏻