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Yes! Be kind to yourself! 😊 That was me for yeas. First, stop saying you’re awful! You do good work or you wouldn’t have a job. You probably work harder than most because you feel a need to compensate. I don’t know how much freedom you have at work, but try and create an environment you can be successful in. I have learned what motivates me and what overwhelms me. Planning my work day in my head in the morning, knowing what to expect, helps. I try not to “do” anything when I’m overwhelmed. I simplify processes with white boards and lists and a plan in my head that I can be inspired by. I put all appointments in my phone immediately. I text myself reminders of things. Know your limits and forgive yourself for those limits. I adjusted my schedule so I wasn’t late all the time for oversleeping. Know what your triggers are and try to head them off. I do best when someone else makes my schedule, while still being able to control it myself when needed. I have trouble saying no, so I tend to overschedule myself. But I sometimes need to take time off without jumping through hoops. Develop a level of self awareness that includes knowing when your probably obsessing over one task to the detriment of another equally important task. Ask for help when you need it, like for things you don’t enjoy and have trouble focusing on.

And , this is important, know your reasons but DON’T make excuses. ADD is real and is a valid brain chemistry profile that requires understanding and treatment. But it’s not an excuse. No one goes to work with an untreated but treatable illness then uses it as an excuse for not getting the job done. See a doctor, take meds if prescribed, make accommodations, do what you can. You may need to explain your situation, but In the end it’s your/our responsibility.

For me, after trying many adjustments and still falling short (I was fired for being late one time too many) I realized I could not work full time. Being overwhelmed with too much work created a multitude of self defeating thoughts, emotions and behaviors that I almost managed, if not for the inability to decompress in between. So now I work part time, half of that for myself, the rest as a 1099 worker for someone else. I was very depressed at first, but after making all the same adjustments I mentioned, I’m working more, and I feel pretty good about it. I enjoy my work again. I’m a work in progress and so are you.

Be proud of yourself for all you do.