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P.S. WarmMuddle, I meant to also mention I have PTSD, anxiety and depression. Being ignored and neglected by an ADHD spouse is extremely difficult. Your mental and physical health can severely deteriorate in this type of relationship, especially if the ADHD partner is in denial or unwilling to address relationship issues and concerns. Before my son was born, I could spend weekends not having my spouse talk to me at all. I sometimes purposely would not say anything to see how long it would take foe him to naturally talk to me on his own but it wouldn’t happen. It was like I lived alone with the responsibility of 2 adults plus my I’ll mother-in-law. Overwhelming, painful and empty. After having my son and them dealing with postpartum depression, I felt like I wanted to find the nearest bridge. Luckily, I knew my son was dependent on me and I needed to save me to cate for my son (put my oxygen mask on like they say on a plane before helping pthers). What made all of this harder was I have no family or support system to help me (need to hire help for most everything).