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I totally can relate with everyone. My ex husband was recently diagnosed after our young son was. I knew something wasn’t right early on when still married and his first assessment was flawed. My ex thought he was “normal” and I was making things up. He only agreed to get tested again after our son. Sure enough, validated. He has ADHD alright. I am not crazy after all. Life is tough trying to parent our son (all responsibility rests on my shoulders because I can’t rely on Him to do anything or do it well). Exhausting. I am not an advocate for divorce but I needed to leave my marriage to save some sanity for myself as the sole caretaker of my son. I almost went down with the ship! I read a book titled, “Too good to leave, too bad to stay” to help me get off the fence and make a decision. I have no regret about the divorce. In hindsight, we should have nevwr married but I am glad to be a mother to my son. Dealing with ADHD is hard bit we are not alone! Hang in there!