Reply To: Outbursts of Anger


Wow.i really feel for you. That sounds so difficult. I can definitely relate to angry outbursts as I have been married to a narcissist who was extremely emotionally abusive, and controlling and he wanted to get divorced which is happening right now and I couldn’t be happier although in his case the narcissism was pretty much incurable it sounds like in your case your wife is a good person and just needs help. I was walking around on eggshells constantly never knowing when he’ll explode and now I am having pstd and am in therapy The number one thing which I’m actually starting to do today is grounding. It is extremely important. Whenever you feel tense or nervous or you start reliving her Outburst even when they’re not happening, ground yourself with the smallest things such as something you smell feeling your feet on the ground,something you see, notice the color of it the texture of it….It’s a good thing that you realize what her issues are so that you can get her some help. You might want to also either go or call dr. Edward Hallowell. He wrote the book”driven to distraction “which is the number one ADD book out there and he has dealt with many people who have had angry outbursts as he shared some stories from real people he worked with in there. Hope this helps. Hang in there and good luck!( forgot to mention that I have 4 beautiful girls n I have ADD but am very easy going but my oldest is a copy of her father n has adhd.her angry outbursts are getting much better since the divorce and she seems happier.