Reply To: Outbursts of Anger


You have taken a step – when you are dealing with a chronic issue with a loved one you will find an incredible challenge to find good
Medical care if you don’t really dig down and start investigating and learning everything you can about what could be causing this behavior, it isn’t normal and in your gut you must know there is something wrong, so don’t give up and keep doing what you are doing – look for answers. There are two things you need to look into and research very thoroughly before you seek Psychiatric care.(1) You really need to consider first if she is experiencing PMDD.

Also keep in mind that she could be dealing also with PANS or PANDA.

These three myths about PANS/PANDAS are ruining lives

Getting misdiagnosed with bipolar disorder if you are dealing with PMDD would be disastrous, do your research and make sure you seek knowledgeable medical expertise even if you have to travel to get to someone with clear experience.