Reply To: To Have an IEP or 504 Plan or not to have?


Thank You all for the helpful comments!!!!

I just wanted to update…. maybe our travels will help someone else.

So To recap… We are still in or Private Christian school and we do not wish to leave for so many reasons. One being the change would not help or ADHD daughter that greatly struggles with the feelings of inadequacy. The other being I enjoy having her in a smaller more close nit environment that supports our family values. It is a sacrifice I am willing to make to keep her there, unless her education begins to suffer, at this point it is not.

We were told that the county the private school is located was not the school district we would need to communicate with for Special Education Evaluation (IEP or 504). So we reached out to the public school district for the county we live in. They have been very receptive and helpful. We completed the Conners forms they sent home, one for parents and one for two teachers. Based on this and the comments submitted by teachers the have determined that she qualifies for IEP. Is this all they needed? I thought they would do some sort of test/evaluation of my child, not just have us fill out a survey? The did a hearing test and a vision screen, but that is all? She does have a diagnose from her Pediatrician and we have an upcoming appointment for a formal evaluation from a Psychologist.

I just want to be sure we are getting a full Evaluation, I am not doing this to get special treatment or make things easier for my daughter. I am dong this seeking suggestions and support for behavior modification that will help her develop her life skills.

I look forward to hearing everyone thoughts!