Reply To: Day Treatment


Thanks Penny. Will do, though we haven’t been able to network with anyone yet. We’ve just tried SO MUCH, that I feel like all the challenge and expense of doing day treatment will be for nothing.

I am probably a bit emotional about it myself since the daycare he is currently at is a special needs preschool, and they offer day treatment as part of their own suite of services — and even though we have finally been accepted in the day treatment program, they seem keen on kicking him out of the pre-school portion. His aggression is the biggest challenge, and the ratio is 1:6, but they tell us they spend too much 1:1 time for the “classroom to be successful”. Though I can understand this, it’s difficult because I wonder where else are we supposed to turn to?

Really hoping that day treatment will be the piece of the puzzle that will finally get us on the path to healing.