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Thank you all for the replies. I appreciate all of them. I cannot enjoy typical social situations. Maybe I get bored easily. When I’m happy, I also become hyper and then people get annoyed like “Why are you overreacting?” I want to say “This is how I show my excitement, what are you complaining about? You want me to return to self hatred mode?”

I avoid going out. I like being home and engage in my art. When I do go out or have to be in a social situations, I feel trouble always come at me even when I’m minding my own business. Adults can be bullies with name callings, physical attacks and so on just because I’m different.

To reassure myself I’m not alone, I tried to go to ADHD and Dyslexia adult support groups but I feel that the groups never get into deeps topics like the forums here. It’s usually about how to manage time, organize better, what apps to download for reading, etc so I get bored and I wonder “Am I the only ADHD person with severe symptoms?” or “Do I really have ADHD?”

It’s only when I go on the internet and read articles or forums that I feel “I’m not alone.” Do any of you feel this way?