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Oh my goodness! Boy do I relate to your post. My son, who has ADHD, is just finishing his freshman year in college too. It’s amazing how much ADHD impacts a family, isn’t it? My son is such a dear, but we have had to set limits about the same things. I think it helps to have family meetings and make a list together about next steps. It is a normal expectation that your son have a job in the summer. For our son, he is working as a camp counselor, as he needs to move, likes the outdoors, and has been a camper at the camp for several years. Does your son have certain interests that you think would be a good fit for him with work? My son didn’t do well in jobs that required “busy work”, like straightening shelves, etc. Even though our son resists our help many times, when we set a time to talk things through and remain calm (hard to do, I know!!), and then help him sequence next steps (e.g., websites to review, who to email, etc.), he’s pretty cooperative. So much of the resistance seems to be related to not knowing how to start.