Reply To: Outbursts of Anger


I go through the same with my long distance boyfriend. He out of the blue starts saying he doesn’t want to be with me, he’s moving on, that I should find another man, that he doesn’t want to do things for us, such as traveling to meet, and all the plans of our future.
He proposed me marriage 2 days ago and today I was on my knees sobbing reminding him his promises.
In his case stress causes that anger and sudden change of behavor.
Example he slept very little, he had a bad day at work,someone stressed him out.
So I am prepared that after lovely days he will crash again and I cry and all that again.
He realizes by himself that he was wrong and contact me again and all is well for some days.
We try to talk out when he has those episodes, he says very hurtful things to me as he wouldn’t care about me or my feelings.
I act distant or a bit cold so he see how sad I am, and so he misses me. The most I cry or try to make him understand how wrong he is the most he hurts my feelings.
Also his face changes I notice, he becomes negative, serious, cold, rude, cruel, and he is actually a very sweet person.
Does it sounds similar?
I also miserable and sad when he has those outburts. Few times he even blocked me from his phone