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Hey, thanks for the reply. I already do most of them–I’ve been working at being me for 64 years–they say that people with ADD can compensate over time.

As for sorting out all the things there are to do… just two days ago I was looking around and saw something that suggested writing down EVERYTHING and prioritizing. I started doing that and it was a confusing mess. But finally it’s done, and it seems to be helping. I’m not constantly running from one activity to another that I just though of that seems more important–I bet you know how that goes. THen you come back to the first one and find you can’t re-find the things you need to finish it. So far, not happening now.

Maybe I can avoid the crashing boredom that usually comes a few days into any project. I think you know that boredom. It seems as though you can’t stand to do whatever-it-is any more, that your life is going by while you’re stuck here in a sort of trap or cage.

Do you think I should post much on here? Being not diagnosed–and some other people are going through so much while I’m doing okay as long as I don’t break my rules. I can live without the earrings. Reading the forum is good, and maybe I can spot people in my position and just reply to them, since I can’t have much advice for most of those on here and may just annoy them and bump their threads off the front page.