Reply To: Funny Stories About ADHD Symptoms


I love this idea! I’m feeling pretty crummy about myself right now. Humor should help.

The story that comes to mind was probably from my freshman year of high school. My friend was hanging out at my house and she discovered the frozen mini chocolate chip muffins in my freezer. She asked to have one, plopped it in the microwave, and set it to high for three mi it’s. I saw this happen, registered that three minutes was way too long and it’d be hot in just thirty seconds. I thought to myself, “It’s fine, I’ll just stop the microwave in like half a minute. My friend had already gotten distracted and had wandered from the kitchen to my room. She would be diagnosed with ADHD in just a year or so. But guess what? I got distracted too and followed her to my room. When we returned to the kitchen a while later it was filled with smoke. It reeked of smoke. The muffin in the microwave was all black, just ash.

So yeah, two ADHD girls tried to reheat a muffin, forget, and set it on fire. Oops!