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Dear Penny,

This is a very thoughtful reply. Thank you. Sometimes the narrative we tell ourselves is more complicated and loaded than the reality of the situation. I have ADHD (which I realized very recently). This is what people with ADHD tend to do. I’m not special in this way. The fact that is *seems* like I am (un)intentionally tossing things away under stress, is not important, at least not right now.

What is important is to give myself helpful clues to be more mindful with these items and/or more able to retrieve them when I inevitably lose them. I have invested in the Tile System to beep when I misplace my wallet, phone or keys. My key chain is also huge, so it is harder to lose. My wallet is large and red. My phone is oversized and has grippy elements on the side so I am less likely to drop it and can feel for it easier in my purse.

Finally, as broccolisalad mentioned, I need to work on the shame of losing things. I still hear the voice of my father chastising me for being stupid or irresponsible for losing things. That voice is very loud. I need to work on that too.