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Wow I’m so glad I found this week site… I’m to the point where I’m feeling I’m crazy and have to ask ppl around us both that know us 💯 just to snap back to the realization my relationship is well not good! My bf and I have been best friends since age 2 bc our families are super close and I do truly love him (The man I have known up until we started dating) but he’s m not even close to my lifetime friend I’ve known 27 yrs. He’s always so damn slow at everything,he can’t explain why where who or how it took him 3hrs to get home from a 15 min job. He is not interested in listening to his faults or trying to fix the situations at hand. He is very quiet or In another world 90% of the time,we don’t communicate at all really or we fuss. He’s always forgetting our plans,promises or simple but important conversations. I’m so aggravated to the point I’m startng to despise him and wonder what the hell he’s doing being gone without explaining 1 reason it takes 3hrs to go get milk 10 miles away,won’t ever put his phone by me or leave it to go pee like he’s hiding sruff and why he’s always disappearing to sit in his truck,shed,bathroom,closet or just leaves me alone like I’m nothing to him. He is the most selfish man I know and is a know it all better than the world kinda person. I mean I know he gets distracted but is all this related to adhd really? I’d truly love to know bc I wanna help him if he needs itand wants it but idk I think alot about leaving or not seeing him in my future at all. We fight everyday..i broke up with him 3 days ago but I’m giving him 1 week to do what we’ve agreed to and he has to do or else that’s it. I hate to sound cold to the world but he’s a super ass and is so rude to Everyone and makes me feel like a pos.. I need advice myself. Thank you