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Before I had to change jobs (another long story 😉 ) and before my diagnosis my boss came to me and said she needed to talk to me as she was having trouble understanding how I organise tasks. She’d noticed that some things weren’t getting done.

She gave me a good idea for organising my time and tasks for the day.

She said to write down all the things I needed to do that day, and then look through them all and work out which one’s really had to be done, and which one’s weren’t a priority. She said to put a letter A next to all the important one’s that had to be done, and a B next to the one’s that needed doing, but didn’t have to be done that day.

I started doing this, and I have to say it really helped. It stopped me from starting a task before I’d finished another, and getting sidetracked by other tasks that actually didn’t need doing.

The ADHD brain does have a massive problem with prioritising and procrastination. I’ve found for the procrastination problems that I shut my phone away in a drawer when I don’t want to keep getting distracted by social media. If I don’t see it, I don’t pick it up. Also the screen time feature has helped a lot with that.

Plus I try and work on rewards for myself. So if there’s something enjoyable I really want to do, but I know it’s not really productive or what I should be doing, like playing a game. I tell myself that I can’t do the enjoyable thing, unless I’ve done all this other stuff first. So I reward myself. Sometimes I find that actually I don’t need the reward, because once I’ve got started with the other stuff I didn’t want to do, I actually just carry on and move onto more jobs. My problem is often with the getting started.

I also always forget when I’ve opened things in the fridge. Because i have food that only I use, and it has to be eaten/drunk within a certain time, when i open it I write on the top the day and date. If I don’t, I can’t actually remember when I’ve opened it, get panicked about something being bad or spoiled and end up throwing it away. It’s because I have difficulty remembering and judging time and day’s, so sometimes it feels like I opened something a week ago, when actually it’s only been two day’s. I keep a Sharpie near the fridge so I remember to write on everything.