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It sounds like you could possibly have it. I recently was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD. I’ve found the Delivered From Distraction book by Edward M Hallowell a really good read. It also mentions how everyone’s symptoms can differ and sometimes our own even change as well. My Dad definitely has it, and it often runs in families.

I’ve seen a change in myself since I was younger. I was very impulsive then, whereas I’ve calmed down a lot as I’ve got older. Also, you learn new coping mechanism’s to try and manage and hide what’s really going on.

My problems and diagnosis came about after an extremely stressful period in my life and also problems at work after being promoted. I’ve never managed to excel at anything, even though people are always telling me how great I am in all the jobs I do, how well I can do them, that I can do them with my eyes closed etc etc but I’ve only ever stayed at entry level, because I was scared of responsibility, and then when I did get more responsibility, I couldn’t cope with it. Also I had some really unfair accusations levelled at me, and staff bullying me too (long story). Usually I get bored of most jobs, and I always put it down to me being creative, but now I know it’s probably a mixture of both and that my creative ADHD brain just cannot stand not having creative stimulation. But then when I have the time to be creative, I can’t motivate myself to do it, and I procrastinate because I’m scared of not being successful. Urgh, it’s all really ridiculous!!!!!! :-/ 🙂