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I went to my GP too and he was really understanding. But I was referred to a specialist Adult ADHD service in Leeds. It has such a long waiting list because there only a really small team, and they have so many people to see.

It sounds like provision for adult ADHD is really lacking. My GP asked me why I wanted a diagnosis and for me it was for a greater understanding of myself and the reasons why I do certain things, and plus it also means that provisions have to be made for me at work. Since my diagnosis I’ve also been getting CBT and I’m starting to realise that the anxiety and panic attacks I’ve been having for years, are a coping mechanism for my ADHD.

As for the label, it definitely helps. It doesn’t mean it has to define you, but it makes things a hell of a lot easier to understand. I used to think I was lazy and stupid, now I know there’s a reason why I struggle with certain parts of life and I can work towards doing something about it, to make my life simpler and easier for myself.

I wonder why people who don’t go through these struggles seem to decide for us how helpful a label would be. Maybe actually we need the label, that we should tell everyone yes I have ADHD. It’s the fact that all these labels, people have decided to hide away mean that we have less understanding of each other and others problems. We need to understand ourselves and each other better and that’s where a diagnosis and labels can help. And whilst there isn’t a ‘cure’ (and I’m not sure I’d want there to be as I kinda like my crazy, creative, whirlwind of a brain), medication can help us manage better. 🙂