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I think that also happens when you move overseas, some people don’t really stay in touch until they see you accomplish something or want a favor.

I get the old soul comment as well, so I usually get along better with people above 50. I joined a walking group in Australia and I feel more comfortable with the old folks than most of my peers. Maybe I prefer doing old folks stuff like going for long walks, having good conversations and not drinking. Some peers sound like friends when we text but when I talk to them face to face, they give me the look like I’m stupid and kind of block me out from their conversations.

After a while I don’t usually initiate conversations and mainly reply with a witty comment because they seem to like it. I probably have 3 friends out of 30 people in class who encouraged me a lot when I was failing things in school because I’m a slow learner, so I try to have conversations with them and help them with other stuff. These experiences taught me how to be more sensitive and figure out who my friends are.