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H. O. L. L. O. W

For a long time I attempted to please people, because they didn’t understand that when I am happy, I get hyper. Or I can’t help but to interrupt people having conversations, even though I have been asked repeatedly to stop that behavior. It’s not that I don’t care, or don’t listen. I am unable!!!!
Even with practice I still interrupt….lol….
I generally meet 2 kinds of people. One’s that love me unconditionally and those that tell me things like “I can’t believe no one has punched you in your mouth before”. So my additude has been I’m gonna be me, those that love me, YESSSSS!!!!…. those that don’t F**K EM!!!!!…… but recently that attitude has changed because I lost someone I loved dearly because of how I am (ADD). I know that I Can be a handful and most people can take me in small doses.
I have adjusted slightly, because I don’t want to lose anyone else because I am Me. This year has been by far the lonliest and the most filled with people that are not tolerant of me!!!! Where they see a hyper talkative fidgety little freak, I see someone that is ecstatic to be included in others lives, I get hyper when I am happy. I think it’s unfair that I can’t show my absolute joy because other people find it uncomfortable and weird.