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When I had my evaluation there was mention of my anxiety, but it’s very common especially in women to have anxiety and depression because of ADHD.

It sounds like the person doing your evaluation doesn’t really understand how ADHD can present in women and girls. I was a quiet child, daydreamy. As long as I did my homework, then everything seemed to be fine. Even though I often struggled to follow the class or understand properly. I think I was quite middle of the road and seemed to do okay. So I didn’t stand out as having any problems.

But throughout my life I’ve struggled with organisation, lateness, procrastination and forgetfulness. But I also went on to get a degree in my late 20’s after originally dropping out of university in my early 20’s. I believe I was able to get the degree because I really really wanted it. Also, it was the only thing I had to concentrate on at the time.

My diagnosis was inattentive ADHD. I can really recommend the book Delivered from Distraction by Edward M Hallowell and John J Ratey. Which is often mentioned a lot when people discuss ADHD. You’ll see from that book that there are many different symptoms in ADHD and that we might not have them all. I often talk about myself as being a mass of contradictions 🙂

I’ve struggled with anxiety and panic attacks my whole life, to a severe level. I recently started CBT therapy and we turned a bit of a corner the other day when my therapist and I made the connection with the fact that it’s possible that my phobia and surrounding anxiety is actually a coping mechanism for my ADHD as it seems to particularly flare-up at times when I’m under a lot of stress.

If it makes you feel any better, I was going to tidy my room (it’s in such a mess), read my book and do some drawing, but I seem to be on these forums reading posts. I did get some washing done though, so that’s something 😀