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I can relate to that sometimes. Some tips

1)organization – pick a task and set a time limit for yourself. See how other people organize their stuff and do things, maybe having a mental map helps.

For example, I’m working in a pastry kitchen so the ingredients and certain things are in different locations and some weigh 10kg so I can’t drag everything to my work bench at the same time like opening my ingredient box at home to make a 1kg dough. So I need to write down ingredients in batches and find the nearest place to work in,eg if I do dry ingredients first, I will take a few out at the same time and after returning them take the milk and eggs from the fridge next to the dry store. If I take something from the freezer outside, I will take it together with the big trays I need.

It’s a bit more crazy in the kitchen because sometimes you can’t find something in 1 kitchen, so I always take the items that are hard to find first.

In an office environment, I will stack my documents by department and distribute everything in one go for signature because there were 3 levels in my previous office and no lift. On the way back, I will scan some documents at the copier machine. I do these things in the morning so that I can work on other tasks while documents are under review, so by 1-2 days I can finish my work and also get everything signed, move on to the next task.
2) being reliable

Maybe you can list the things you struggle with to organize or forget. Eg I’m bad at receiving verbal instructions and my supervisor says it so quickly I, so I need to repeat what my supervisor said and maybe use gestures to visualize it before I write it. It annoys him sometimes that he needs to show me a few times or repeat what he said if it’s something I have not done before, but I write everything I did at work after I finish my work so that I can remember all the correct steps.

Even if you feel like a clown for messing up first thing in the morning, just tell yourself that you will do the next task well no matter how small it is. Sometimes I think the only thing I did OK was chopping fruits the whole day or cleaning the kitchen. Drinking a few sips of water every hour helps with concentration. Even if my supervisor thinks I’m slacking off, I’d rather drink water than make mistakes the whole day.