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I do this all the time too.

Three times this year I lost a $300 piece of athletic equipment. Twice I left it against my car and drove off, the other time I have no memory at all of what happened, just that when I went to go grab it, not there.

I lose my keys and cell phone several times a day, I usually find them but I spend probably 60 minutes a day searching and super stressed when searching. Maybe 90 minutes.

I do also do dumb things like drop and break things a lot too. I was kicked out of my cell phone insurance program for using it too much (not kidding). Also not kidding, a few years ago I was kicked out of AAA for locking my keys in my car too often. Luckily I know have keys that make it impossible to lock yourself out.

I just started taking meds which has helped with work concentration, but I’m not sure if it has helped with this. Guess I will have to wait and see.

Oh, and losing things like this has happened my entire life. When I was a teenager it would stress me out so much, because my parents would be furious. I lost my grandmother’s ring and a $200 dollar jacket when I left it at a park. The ring was in the jacket pocket. That one was hard.

I don’t know if your therapists advice is helpful. Sometimes I am rushing, but other times I am not rushing. My mind is just day dreaming.