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“I think I am more creative and empathetic than the average bear – I am also more sensitive and prone to unintentional mistakes than most – I suspect many of both the positive and negative aspects of my personality are due to ADHD.”

You just described my wife to a T. She can do amazing things. She creates birthday cakes that would be right at home on one of those baking competition shows. She sews her own renaissance fair clothes (including a hand-made corset) that are honestly better than anything you can buy anywhere. She’s EXTREMELY empathic (so am I) which can be both a blessing and a curse. She’s hired herself out as professional organizer. It can make it all the more maddening to know she has all this talent and ability, but can’t seem to make a dang phone call to schedule an appointment for the kid, despite several reminders. Or why she can’t seem to remember that the kids’ homework is a DAILY think that needs attention.