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Can I just firstly say that when I read your reply I had this instant feeling of pressure taken off of me. I’ve never spoken to anyone with ADHD before so I’m so glad I’ve signed up to this forum. It was like an instant weight lifted from my chest. So thank you!

I think you’ve suggested some really good stuff. I think hanging out with my gf and her friends would immediately take the clinginess away. I feel things have been shakey with her recently so being more involved in her life helps stabilise my mental health and decreases the worry. No one likes a clingy partner! I hate that side of me.

I do exercise a lot actually I find it definitely helps me destress and gives me something to focus on. It’s incredible how beneficial it is for ADHD to exercise regularly.

Any inspiring videos you would recommend watching?

I don’t exercise right before bed I usually do it before work but I could try to do some lighter exercise before bed to see if that helps.

I like the idea of defusing the intensity of the outburst situation by creating humour. I know my girlfriend would like that. I’ll have a think of the best ones to try.

Thanks so much