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Jlynn, how is your little one doing? Sounds like you might have found something that works for him now?

Our impatience might stem a bit from having been kicked out of 3 daycare sites….and he’s in a special needs daycare now, but even they seem exasperated with his behavior, and we just want to get this under control for everyone involved before it’s too late. It breaks my heart when he asks about his old daycares, and “when can I go back to ____?”

He has plenty of good moments, and even good days, but the bad moments/days feel so severe that it’s hard to know what you’re going to get with him. He does great in therapy sessions, but as soon as the therapy session ends, he seems to be back to poor behaviors again. It really seems like he’s trapped in his own body/mind. He’ll even say things to that effect once in awhile after he sort of snaps out of a bad episode. Feeling so bad for him, and want him to feel better as soon as possible!