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Hi Jlynn. Funny you should mention the cheek swab. We did actually pay to have this done for that exact reason. The Intuniv is actually in his “yellow” zone of possibly a “reduced response”, but the psych told us that the DNA test doesn’t tell the whole story. Even still, we know which ones will be more compatible than others, and it’s possible that he just needs a higher dose than others of his age/weight.

I guess, even with a reduced response, I expected we would notice something….and we just aren’t seeing it yet. So, I want to give it a chance, but I also have a little impatience since there are so many struggles with hitting and fighting at school and non-compliance. It’s really wearing on us, and I’m worried nothing seems to work. We’ve also been doing extensive OT, play therapy, and PCIT therapy. Thanks for the feedback!