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Please don’t post anything that is absolute nonsense. Someone said that the companies remove all the enantomers from the drug. Huh? Your grasp of stereochemisty is off. Take Adderall for example. It is a combo of two enantomers; d-amphetamine and l-amphetamine (dextroamphetamine and monoamphetamine). If you removed either, you have, in this case, a different medication. You familiar with Dexidrine? If you remove them both, then you have no amphetamine at all. In medicinal chemistry, isomers are extremely important. Take isomers of methylphenidate. One is Ritalin. One is Focalin. When ibuprofen came out, a foreign company made the wrong enantomer of the chemical and it caused women who were pregnant to have babies with birth defects. I think it’s admirable to learn. I’m taking a class on Khan Academy right now. It would be hard to study chemistry online. As far as the generic version being different from the brand. I agree that we are getting screwed. My clonazepam generic switched makers and I was positive that the medicine was bogus. I got a drug screen at the dr. They sent it to get a mass spectrometry analysis and it was negative for benzodiazepines. Unacceptable.