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Sometimes I feel like adults around me are trying to upset me and publicly bring up attributes of mine that I consider to be flaws, like my tendancy to pace, be disorganized, ect ect- ADHD symptoms. Some things that I found are effective is to use humor when something like that happens. Like if someone calls me out on being forgetful I say something like “GOD, <damnmouse>, Have a Nutrigrain bar!” The goal being to paint my flaws as endearing to other people. Sometimes this works really well, right now I’m pretty irritable so I feel a little more triggered when people judge me. I’m trying to be mindful of that, and trying to distinguish between the ways adults playfully tease each other through imitation, and when the intention is to socially and emotionally harm me because they smell blood. There’s one coworker who knows I have PTSD for example and she says my name as loud as possible when she pages me at work and it effects me all day. I’ve unplugged my intercom because of that before. I try to address it by being really direct. Like, “okay, there’s a lot going on right now and I’d find it would help me if you said my name at a softer volume, please.” Sometimes it happens and my blood starts to boil because we’ve been over this, even told her it agitates my PTSD symptoms, so I just shut up and wait for her to assume I’m not at my desk. Set boundaries where you need to.