Reply To: ADHD Medication Rebound


My kids both had extreme negative impacts from the same drug… ADHD meds are often stimulants, and just like illegal stimulants, coming down off them can be harsh. What we’ve also recently learned in our journey is that of the med hypes your child up, it’s probably not what he needs (think of it like when you out on glasses with a prescription you don’t need – your vision gets worse). We learned after far too many years of missing it our child had Aspergers, not ADHD, and it saved and changed his life!! Your son is still young, I highly recommend a developmental psychologist and a full evaluation, including evaluation for Autism Spectrum (since they lump Aspergers with ASD). We missed it because ours was brilliant, and masking symptoms. The two often coexist, but again, I’m seeing a trend that if the individual is on the spectrum, the stimulants are not good for them at all. I hope this is helpful to you. My best advice is focus on finding the key one or two things your son loves that keep him active… for my son it was dirt bikes and anything with wheels. Accommodations at school to get teachers to,let your son earn time to go to the gym to shoot baskets or just run around will work wonders as well!! We had an amazing teacher help set this up, again, when we didn’t even know,what we were accommodating. I hope this is helpful, autism is nothing to be afraid of, like I said, my son was diagnosed and it saved his life, and got him off all meds too! Hope this helps, best wishes!