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Thank you, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I didn’t even know that that awful, horrible feeling that consumes me when I “fail” had a name: The “Shame Gremlin.” I’ll definitely remember that (I wasn’t diagnosed until I was 53 years old. I’m pushing 58 now).

BTW, it is definitely possible to raise kids when one has ADHD – I did it, too! The meals were a little irregular, the house was pretty messy and disorganized, voices were often raised a bit (or a lot!) too loudly (sometimes in anger, but often in joy), but the kids had a lot of fun and were happy most of the time. And all-in-all, they grew up into pretty darn awesome adults. 🙂 Thank goodness the whole “helicopter mom” thing wasn’t a thing back in the good ‘ol days, or I’d have been facing a whole flock of those shame gremlins!!!!